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MicroSteam™ - Premium Handheld Garment Steamer

Get your favorite clothes ready and wrinkle-free in no time!

We know that ironing isn't really fun. Especially when it takes hours to get your favorite clothes ready to be worn. But not anymore! Get your clothes ready and wrinkle-free in no time without having to sacrifice your precious time!

Release the "bulky machine" from the shackles because MicroSteam™ is a total game changer! Ordinary clothes steamers tend to spurt or leak water, which can stain and even ruin your garments! MicroSteam™ features an Electronic Pump System that prevents water from leaking. This design even allows steaming upside down without any water left behind! 

Why you need MicroSteam™:

✔️Grease Cleaning - High temperature and strong steam can easily dissolve and strip the oil stains, dirt and mold spots on the surface and cracks of household products. In the ejection of high-temperature steam at the same time, can scrub the surface of objects, clean simple and quick, the effect is remarkable.

✔️2 in 1 - The combination of dry ironing and wet ironing can meet all your needs, Constant temperature ironing can easily restore clothes to their original state.

✔️Unique Design - The unique front-end design ensures that any small wrinkles can be ironed, 360° ironing without dead ends, comprehensive and fast coverage.

  • Weight: 400g
  • Length: 7 inch


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