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LipLump™ Lip Exfoliating Brush

Get beautiful soft lips in just seconds!

Using lip scrubs (which can be messy and don’t always taste good) & scrubbing lips with a damp towel can be effective, but sometimes too effective. Over time towels, toothbrushes & other tools are too harsh and scrub lips to the point of bleeding and do not accurately get all the dead skin off. Our double-sided silicone lip tool, the LipLump™, applies a gentle exfoliation and circulation routine for beautiful and soft lips!

Why LipLump?

✔️ Beautiful soft lips
Many times friends, family & colleagues look at our lips when we speak. It is only natural. We all want to look & feel our best when going out for that special night out, meeting or video call. This is why we invented the LipLump™.

✔️Advanced exfoliating technology
Our patented design exfoliates dry skin on chapped lips within minutes! Simply apply your choice of lip exfoliating scrub to the LipLump™ and gently scrub all over the lips for a few minutes daily. The tool gently lifts & collects dry skin cells without damaging the fresh skin cells below. When using it on the lips you should see and feel drastic results, while lips will be left feeling plump & soft.

✔️Multifunctional use for perfect lips
The LipLump™ also has 2 sides. Use the fine, smaller side with a sugar scrub to exfoliate lips, and the larger side as a massage for lips afterwards. This will leave them feeling soft & plump, all those dry dead skin cells gone!


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