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FlowerGlasses™ Flower Light Diffraction Glasses (Buy 2 Get 1 Free)

Turn any point of light into a flower

Patented Lens Technology used in our glasses produces remarkable clarity and clear flower shapes! We have upgraded our original FlowerGlass™ Diffraction Glasses to include a sturdier frame and lenses that are reinforced and guaranteed NOT to pop out! When you are standing in front of your next light show, these glasses will make the lights explode into beautiful flowers!

Why FlowerGlasses?

✔️ Beautiful Effects
Stand in front of a light source and look head-on at a point of light. Our Glasses will make the lights explode into rainbow flowers! The flower effect featured in these shades is only available here, you can't get these anywhere else!

✔️ Perfect Gift
Our FlowerGlasses™ are the perfect gift idea for you and your bestie! Just put them in and enjoy a beautiful new world full of rainbow flowers!

✔️ Advanced Lens Technology
Our patented lens technology is what makes our FlowerGlasses™ stand out from the rest. These glasses are so much more than just glasses! Not only do they look beautiful, but also produce stunning visuals that will surely make your day enjoyable!


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